Daniel Eliason
Conference Speaker

Daniel, along with his wife Katy and their two kids Zoe (3) and Wyat (1) live in Surrey B.C. Daniel and Katy served Horizon Church and have been on staff for just over 8 years. Daniel oversees the “Nex Gen” Ministries of Horizon. Daniel is passionate about seeing students find Healing for yesterday, Purpose for today, and Vision for tomorrow through the power of the Holy Spirit. Along with pastoring at Horizon Church, pastor Daniel also leads the youth ministry program for Pacific Life Bible College. When Daniel isn’t spending time with his family, pastoring, or teaching, he loves to spend his time outdoors hunting or fishing.

Steph Plumb
Step Up Your Mental Health | Workshop

Where we can find God in the midst of our mental health struggles? Join Coastline Church's Steph Plumb as she shares her knowledge as counsellor and Pastor on how to step up your mental health. We'll discuss some biblically based strategies for coping, and also how to help our friends that may be struggling with their mental health. 

Rob and Chelsea Penny
Step Up Your Relationships | Workshop

Dating? Purity? Sexual boundaries? God’s intent for Christ-Centred relationships? How do I know I am ready? Join our Port Alberni campus Pastor, Rob Penny, and his wife Chelsea as they share from their own experience and biblical truth about all things relationships and what it means to navigate healthy romantic and platonic relationships as a Christian.

Kiri Erb
Step Up Your Ability to Share Your Faith | Workshop

We all know we’re supposed to share our faith, but how do we even do that? We can be so passionate about Jesus, but have no idea how to communicate that with our friends and family. Even when we start to think about sharing our faith, we can get worried we’ll get asked something we don’t know the answer to. Join Apologetics Canada’s speaker Kiri Erb as she shares some insights on how you can step up your ability to share your faith.

Josh Erb
Step Up Your Devotional Life | Workshop (Second Rotation Only)

Have you ever wanted to start doing devotions but weren't sure where to start? Ever feel like you read the bible and get nothing out of it? Does prayer just seem like a boring drag? A consistent devotional life is the key to true relationship with Jesus, but sometimes it can be hard to get there. Join Pastor Josh Erb as he speaks from his experience and biblical truth on how to step up your devotional life.

Daniel Eliason
Step Up Your Partnership with Parents | Leaders and Parents Workshop (First Rotation Only)

Youth Pastors and Parents. Time and time again studies and experience show us that if we are going to see the next generation grow to be passionate followers of Jesus they need BOTH Parents and Pastors working together to lead them in their discipleship to Jesus. If you’re a Pastor or a parent, we’d love to invite you to join Pastor Daniel and his parents, Carla and Dave Eliason as they discuss how partnering with parents is essential to seeing passionate followers of Jesus raised in our homes and churches.