Michael and Alicia Chincilla

Michael and Alicia Chinchilla have been married for 3 years and live in Surrey BC. 

Michael works as the Youth Director at the Surrey location of Village Church. Michael is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Regent College. Prior to beginning these studies, he was a Youth Pastor at Youth Church. Michael is passionate about taking an active role in God’s redemptive story because he has seen the grace of Jesus transform lives.

Alicia works for Signal Hill, a non-profit organization built with a goal of showing young people that they have value through high school presentations. Before working in this role she lived in Dubai, UAE as a flight attendant exploring all around the world.

Together they want to see a generation come to know Jesus.

Koby Hale

Koby Hale lives in Abbotsford BC where she teaches at Summit Pacific College in the Counselling Foundations program.  She is also a Family Therapist in community services, helping families safeguard kids from harm, and helping youth steer through trauma, loss, and mental illness to live more fulfilling lives. Koby gets really excited about helping others better understand mental wellness/illness and build wiser, more compassionate, God-centered relationships.  She loves breakfast, her dog Chanel, argyle socks, and musical theatre. Koby now eats turkey bacon as an excuse to avoid running.  She’s going to be leading a breakout session on how to support friends through tough times, use helpful life skills to improve mood, get plugged into a good support system in an effort to be stewards of our bodies and READY to build mental health.

Lukas Bonnett

Lukas his wife Trina daughter Georgia and son Beau currently live in Victoria BC, where they serve at Glad Tidings Church under the leadership of Andy & Lisa Moore. Lukas has been involved with youth ministry for 10 years. He is passionate about seeing youth and young adults have a real encounter with Jesus as well as seeing young leaders understand there gifting, developed and sent to where God is calling them. He loves the game of golf, the Toronto Raptors, BBQ Chicken and loves preaching and leading the next generation as they walk out and begin to lead in the world around them.

Daniel and Mariah Smith

Daniel and Mariah Smith are currently the directors of the Northgate Internship Program. The program, based out of Courtenay, BC, was launched in the Fall of 2017 and exists to develop young leaders of character who live their lives for Jesus and His Church. Mariah and Daniel are passionate about the program’s mission, which is to see young adults identified, developed, and sent to change a Valley, a nation, and the world. If they aren’t hanging out with interns, or getting things done around the church, Mariah and Daniel can be found listening to music, eating good food, or visiting their family on the mainland.

Mariah is from Surrey, BC and recently graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Communication. Daniel grew up in Toronto, ON and came out to BC for Bible College where he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies, majoring in Counselling Foundations. Currently, Daniel is completing post-grad studies in the field of Non-Profit Organizational Leadership.Daniel and Mariah are passionate about the discipleship of God’s people, leadership development, and mission!

Evan Allnutt

Evan is the lead pastor of Northgate Church. Evan has a passion to see people reached for Jesus and is also excited to see the local church grow in number and grow in vibrancy.  He continues to develop a team around him who will work hard and dream big.  They are regularly looking for what else can be done to share the news of Jesus, help people walk out their faith and make an impact on the Comox Valley and Vancouver Island.  Evan and Kendal have committed to being in the Valley as long as God wants them and they are hopeful that He won’t ask them to leave until the whole island knows Jesus, the hope of humanity.

Paclife Worship

Paclife Worship was birthed out of Pacific Life Bible College and is primarily comprised of students (and a few staff) from our campus in Surrey, BC, Canada. We’re a community of singers, songwriters, musicians and creative people who are passionate about Jesus and His church. The members of our team serve at a variety of churches across the Vancouver area. When we gather to lead worship as a collective, we do it for the purpose of building up and edifying the Church (the capital C is intentional, because we’re passionate about the bride of Christ, no matter the age, geographical location, ethnicity, denomination or style!). We LOVE leading people in the worship of our savior, and we get excited when congregations of people encounter Him in real ways.